Nopaï - 100 % fruits sans sucres ajoutés à base de figue de Barbarie
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Time to enjoy a refreshing break with Nopaï, the new 100% cactus pear fruit juice with no added sugar featuring a unique exotic taste that will transport your taste buds.
Our socially responsible, eco-friendly manufacturing process preserves the authentic gustatory qualities of the fresh fruit.

Nopaï is available in several formats to suit your needs :

1 verre de Nopaï = 4 à 5 figues de Barbarie 1 verre de Nopaï = 4 à 5 figues de Barbarie

One creamy, refreshing glass of Nopaï contains the equivalent of four to five fresh cactus pears. A few sips will transport you to a sunny destination. Dare to experience something new and exotic with Nopaï, and discover our colourful gourmet recipes.

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Life is an adventure.
Nopaï is a voyage.